The Cause

Tembo’s main goal lies in a powerful desire to help animals and wildlife. Through rehabilitation, conservation and positive public awareness, we believe in the reestablishment of a natural environment filled with peace, where both the animal kingdom and humans can (co)habitate in harmony.

While supporting causes, foundations and sanctuaries worldwide, Tembo’s ultimate objective is to open a foundation of its own and a wildlife sanctuary.


Audrey Côté

(Co) creator

Audrey always had a vigorous passion for animals. From a very young age, she was intrigued by the manner in which animals could interact among themselves, or with humans. Respect and appreciation towards nature was, and still is, the motto leading her life choices.

She studied in the musical field for many years, in classical voice. She loved sharing beautiful music with her peers and with the public. However, she came to realize that music was indeed, an inspiring way to express oneself, but not exactly the ideal career she wanted to pursue. She aspired a much different lifestyle and the wish to work for/with nature wasn’t fulfilled.

This is exactly when she dramatically changed her path. She sold everything, moved out of her apartment and went in Namibia for a month to volunteer with wild animals. Instantly, an illumination pushed her to dedicate the rest of her life to the wellbeing and protection of both nature, and animals.


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